About Us

About Us

In an open market challenged by more then 30 domestic and international competitors we are distinguished with over 10 % of market share being established in 1990 , we come out with experience and accumulated knowledge that sets us the top of the rank in the field .

Established as a family venture we have striven to nourish our growth in a steady manner that has taken us to the nest level to be a well-known establishment with a knowledgebase and experience that is passed on to the next generation.

Auto’s hiring and leasing business has countless potentials but to us these potentials are not just merely meeting our client’s expectations, rather than exceeding them; as our standards will surely brings out the best the market could offer.

Our Vehicles

Whenever you think of having a vehicle, just note the following list:

  • What capacity do I require?
  • What brand shall I get?
  • What features are essential?
  • Is it credible vehicle?
  • Do I get value for the money?
  • And most important .. what to do in case something went wrong ?

As there are many vehicle manufacturers , you shall get only the very well known and reliable vehicles with us only , either you look for a sedan or SUV or even Luxury cars , we provide you only the reliable ones , we choose only the best for you .

Many Car Renting companies shows you the brands , but the lesser features that you enjoy in it , its like riding a Lexus with manual gear , or driving a Mercedes with normal seats , they cut cost to save money and then they charge you with full price , for us it is our priority to get you not just the perfect car , but also the greatest experience , we always look for fully featured vehicles or as said The Distinguished ones , with us each ride is delightful touch on road .

Credibility is the most important condition at any time , vehicles might look shining from outside but they have been under bad maintenance with high kilometers run , actually it has never been stopped or maintained unless it has a problem , ours are maintained as on the manual of the car sets , we change parts as recommended by manufacturer just to give you the best out of it , others claims services while our vehicles talks about it .

No greater value than joy of the drive , our prices are very reasonable beside you get the best deal , we have offers on different models and sizes that fit your need , you might try several cars on sight to choose the one that’s delivers comfort and satisfaction you look for , we grant you quality beyond others .

If something went wrong we get worried about you at first , so first of all take care and fasten your seat built and drive safely , then don’t get worried as we have full insurance on the vehicle against accidents including passengers , a replaceable car will be provided to you and we will follow up other paper works regarding the vehicle .

We Are There For You

  • Rent a car
  • Limousine service
  • Monthly transport contracts
  • Large companies transport program
  • Limousine services to customers in all GCC countries
  • Hotel to Airport Pick up and drop off in Kingdom of Bahrain & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Chauffeur service with standard Sedan Car/Luxury Car/ SUV Car
  • Free WI-FI, Water, Juice and News Papers in our Limousine Car.
  • Stretch Limousine for party/chauffeur/wedding ceremony 

Our Word

Our excellence in job is a routine that we examine ourselves on it , if we got late by 30 minutes than your pick up time you shall get 50% off , if we are  an hour late then you shall get your ride for free .

With these terms we work , and we deliver our highest services reliable in the market , its not just the management who works to gain customers , each employee knows that’s your